Creating a new bridleway and community space at Nunnery Park


As part of St. Modwen’s plans to create a new employment-led, mixed use development at Nunnery Park in Worcester, we needed to divert the existing bridleway.

Nunnery Park is situated between the A4440 and the M5 and is well connected to transport networks. Most of our new tenants and their employees would be commuting by road, so we wanted to create a space where they could also incorporate fresh air and exercise into their working day.


Nunnery Park, Worcester parking
Nunnery Park, Worcester reception

After consulting with the city and county councils, The Ramblers, British Horse Society and Open Space Society, we created a new walking, riding and cycle path around Nunnery Park for tenants and the local community to enjoy.

Stretching for almost a kilometre, the new path is longer than the previous bridleway and takes 10-15 minutes to walk round, making it perfect for a lunchtime stroll.

It’s also a more accessible spot to exercise with a safe connection to the A4440, which runs alongside the development.

Along with the new path, St. Modwen has devoted 2 acres of land adjoining the site to community space, encouraging locals and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Nunnery Park, Worcester warehouse

Results and Reaction

Ted Rogers, Senior Consultant at Acorus Rural Property Services, said:

“The new bridleway is now longer in distance, higher in quality, accessible at both ends and provides good opportunities for exercise around the site. The route also links to Worcester County Park on the other side of Nunnery Park and offers some great viewpoints along the way.”