Top fitness tips for 2022 from Jonny Green, Director of Asset Management


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Top fitness tips - Jonny Green

I have always enjoyed fitness and keeping on top of my exercise regimes. I find that it not only helps my physical health but also my mental health – it helps me to reset after a busy day or week and generally feel better about life.

It can be difficult to get into a routine with exercising, but this time of year is a great time to start a new fitness regime. It’s easy to feel sluggish and unmotivated but getting into a regular fitness routine can help you on the road to feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.

There really is no time like the present and the saying “tomorrow never comes” is so true, but once you take the plunge, that’s often half the battle. Now is a great time to have a clean sweep and if you can motivate yourself to start exercising in the winter months, it will only get easier as the days get longer and warmer.

With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of top fitness tips for 2022 which will help you to plan your fitness regime and stick to it.

Set achievable targets

When starting a new fitness routine, it’s so important to ensure that you set targets that are achievable and sustainable. There’s no point in joining the gym and going every day for two weeks, to then never go again.

A great way to do this is to start small and slowly build up. Set yourself small targets, for example to cycle for 15 minutes, and then increase this once you’ve met that goal, increasing to 30 minutes.

Another way to stick to your exercise regime is to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle. If you schedule in a specific date and time each week then it will eventually become a habit to allocate that time to exercise.

top fitness tips

Find someone to exercise with

For many people, exercise is more enjoyable when you share the experience with someone else. Try and find a family member, friend, or work colleague to exercise with – that way, you can encourage each other and there’s a commitment to not only helping yourself, but others as well.

Alternatively, find a club to join or seek out a personal trainer. Having a helping hand along the way can make all the difference.

Give yourself a goal

Whether it’s an epic challenge or just something as simple as committing to attend a class or go for a walk on a regular basis, giving yourself a goal to work towards will help you on your fitness journey.

But remember, you don’t have to push yourself past your limits, like running a marathon! If I can’t ride my bike, I’ll just go for a nice walk instead. Lower intensity exercise burns more fat and, depending on what your goals are, can be more effective than a harder session.

Jonny Green's fitness tips
Jonny fitness tips

Make your activity enjoyable

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you actually need to enjoy your exercise regime and not feel like you’re forcing yourself through it just to tick a box.

My favourite cycle ride is probably along the coast road in the South of France. Obviously, I can’t do that ride on a regular basis, but cycling around the countryside near Lichfield or in Sutton Park, both of which are close to my home, is a good alternative. Generally, you don’t have to go far to find pleasant surroundings to enjoy exercise in.

So, with these top tips in mind, good luck on planning and maintaining your fitness journey!

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